Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bits & Pieces

If you are new to the blog: Welcome! Scroll down for the first days of the trip, or use the navigation bar on river right.

Check back throughout the week for more pictures! And, if you paddled, send a comment with what you'd do different next year. I want to compile a list. For example, I'd pack more sunscreen, ziploc bags and my own jar of sunbutter for lunches.

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  1. You write very well.. I enjoy reading.
    We definitely learned a lot - two mother/daughter teams with our twin 10yr olds and my 12yr old. We actually finished and I'm amazed. We learned - if its too hot, don't take off the rain fly ...... (but there are local hotels ..) We learned to take the peanut butter and hey if you forget the knife... the rivers have some beautiful flat slate rock..shaped like knives that are great for spreading...... I learned that if you think you lost your blackberry in a waterproof bag ...during a flip ... and you ask 30 or so people to look for it..... if you happen later to look down and find between your breasts inside the life jacket... just tell all those people you found "between two rocks on the river" .. they'll never know and they looked so Hard.... : ) It was our first time and we had a great time !!! Tonya Bechtler ....