Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All done, Twit

Okay, so...not so much with the twittering. Twitter seems to be nothing more than a group of people announcing that at some point during their day, a thought has occurred to them. Rather than turn to the person next to them and share said contemplation, they picked up their phones and tweeted. After my exhaustive research with the platform I stopped texting in tweets, primarily because I grew weary of my own reductive thoughts. We spend an inordinate amount of time alone, us independent Americans, and all this alone time occasionally produces a thought or idea that seems worthy of sharing. However, flying solo in the minivan from here to there means there is not a soul in passenger’s seat, no one to turn to and share that insightful reflection. It is helpful to have someone sitting next to me because more than just tuning the radio station, my passenger can also turn to me when I share some flashy quip and correct me by saying “yeah, that’s one of the less brilliant things you’ve said.”

Also, one of my favorite writers is Henry James. Henry would have hated Twitter. Why use one word when you can use eight?


  1. There's a Sprint commercial airing now that uses statistics of how people are using social media. They give the number of people on Twitter, illustrated by an animation of thousands of little birds yelling, "Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!" That pretty much sums up Twitter, and not in the way Sprint probably wants it to. Somewhere there must be a subversive copywriter pleased with herself for getting that one past the suits.

  2. I tried Twittering for about a day. SSSSSOOOO boring!