Monday, February 16, 2009

Life is a Highway


Making the transition from weekly columns in the print version of RNW to this intermittent virtual forum feels like…well, it kinda feels like buying a new minivan. The old model worked just fine. It got us from place to place, right dear reader? We had a few laughs, gasped at a few near misses, and meandered around town (and around the point) more than once in that old reliable format. Now we’re upgrading. Trading in. We’re looking for something that can take us all the way up to the mountains and back while we pass a bag of Doritos back and forth and sing along to the radio.

Regarding this new vehicle, the Minivan Chronicles blog…let’s kick the tires a bit, shall we?

To review: we started driving around together via the RNW column about a year ago. During that year, we’ve chatted (you and I) about public art, recreation departments, hedgehogs and hamsters, Thai restaurants, neighborhood schools, scary movies, movie theaters, community theater, standardized testing, Kroger, date night, bridges, budgets, banks and mothers.

If you just discovered the minivan—hop on in. Carpooling in the minivan should be as easy and fuss-free as a box of Rice-a-Roni. There are only two things you should know up front, lest you be caught by surprise and feel bamboozled: 1) I detest Wal-Mart and mushrooms and I make reference to those two dislikes with some regularity, and 2) I love Rome and Floyd County. Any subject that promotes & enhances the second two while corrosively eradicating the first will eventually find its way into a Minivan Chronicles column.

I think this little baby’s got enough get up and go to get us on our way. Let’s crank her up.

Oh, and I’ve exhausted my supply of car puns, you’ll be relieved to know. No more from here on out. And probably no more Rascal Flatts references, either.

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